Please post suggested corrections here

Single pages from Zhongwen Bu Mafan where significant corrections are required. Post correct requests in the sticky topic.
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Please post suggested corrections here

Post by terrywaltz-luntan » Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:54 am

If you feel you have found a mistake in Zhongwen Bu Mafan (or some related book or materials), please post to this forum with:

1. Which pack (book, material) are you talking about.
2. Which page?
3. What is the mistake?
4. How should the mistake be fixed?
5. Why is the mistake wrong? (is it a typo? is it a word that has another meaning that might be bad? is it a word that is not commonly used where you are from [please tell where], etc??)

Some things that individuals feel are errors may not be seen as errors to others and may not be corrected, but if no one tells about an error, it will definitely not be fixed, so please do report them.

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